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This post is about a 27km walk from Szolnok to Törtel. There’s a brief intermezzo on the EuroVelo 11, and a good camping spot at night.

I had my bi-weekly online therapy session in the morning. After that I messed around with the computer, trying to create a backup of a backup of my recent footage. It took me almost until noon, and in the end it failed.

I felt uneasy when I eventually packed up my stuff and started walking. A backup without a backup is no backup.


There was a bike lane along the river at first. I passed a school building, and I could see groups of children getting PE class on the river banks. Some of them looked more physically talented than the others, but all of them had a certain bounciness to their steps. When they walked, they bounced, when they ran, they bounced, and when they jumped, they bounced. I looked down at my legs, and I felt about as bouncy a mammoth.


After a while I hit the EuroVelo 11. It was just like the EV 6 in Serbia, only more glorious: during the short time that I traveled on the EV 11, it was a dedicated bike lane on an embankment that kept a bit of a distance from the road. Of course that, too, stopped at some point, and I had to get back on the road. It couldn’t have been any shittier if it had been in Romania: the road was narrow, it had potholes, and many of the drivers on it were freaks.

hot springs

I walked until the sun started going down. The map indicated that there were some thermal hot springs in the area, so I left the road and started walking through the fields. I started looking for a place to camp, but all the possible spots were either too visible, or the grass was too high, or the ground was muddy, or there were a bunch of mean dogs nearby.

And so I continued walking towards the hot springs while it kept getting darker.

At one point a small truck stopped in front of me. The driver’s name was Aaron, and he told me that he owned some land where I could sleep. He led me there in his truck. It was a meadow between some forests, a place where the grass had been nibbled short by flocks of sheep over the summer.

I loved it.


the walk from Szolnok to Törtel:

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