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This post is about a 23,8km walk from Târgu Mureș to Mărășești. The Caboose loses one of her legs, and I see some bad corn.

Packing took forever. I had new shoes, a nee poncho, a bivy bag, and a new book. I left the city some time before noon.

leaving Târgu Mureș

Traffic was shit of course. First there was a massive bridge across the Mureș. Then a road through the outskirts of town. A fat, shirtless man asked me what I was doing and made huge round eyes when I said I was walking to Cluj. “But… that’s like… 100km away!” he said as his eyes got bigger and bigger.

Then I was on a dirt path again. There were corn fields. Some looked as if they had been harvested already, or had the corn just died?

losing a leg

Then one of the legs of the Caboose broke off. I had had them added to her frame many years ago when I was walking through the Gobi Desert, and I actually felt a bit surprised that they had held up this long.

I took the leg and put it under my backpack, so as not to lose it.

really losing a leg

Then came some pretty bad uphills. I huffed and I puffed, and I failed to notice that the leg slipped out from under my backpack, and I lost it somewhere on the road. Only later in the evening would I understand this, as I was setting up my tent next to another corn field.

I couldn’t believe it: the leg was gone.


the walk from Târgu Mureș to Mărășești:

  • Jared

    Love the picture of the cows and the tree. Happy cows!


  • Benjamin K.

    I think the bad corn is just for bio fuel. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. When the real harvest is done they come and chop up the entrire plant. Not the most ecological idea, but perhaps better than drilling for oil.


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