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This post is about a walk from Mărășești to Oaș. I complete 15,000km on The Longest Way and do my little dance, albeit in the wrong place.

There hadn’t been any bears. Some wind and a tiny bit of rain, yes. But no bears. I wrote the number “13” on the back of my left hand. This meant that I had 13km to go until the next dance. I had done a little dance every 1000km from Beijing to here. Today was going to be the 15,000km mark.

thirteen or twelve

Only later would I find out that my math was wrong and that I had TWELVE kilometers to go until the 15,000km mark, not thirteen.

I walked past some very bad looking cornfields. Many of the plants were short, many of the leaves were yellow, and many of the cobs were shrivelled. It felt worrying.

When I got back to the main road, I counted down the kilometers, hoping that I wouldn’t have to dance in a dangerous place.

road, shit, lake

I was lucky. At the 15,000km mark (which was actually the 15,001km mark) there was a meadow in the shade of some trees. I sat down and looked around. The place seemed rather fitting. Firstly, there was the road, busy and terrifying. Then there was a large pile of manure that stank pretty badly. And then finally, in the distance, there was a beautiful lake. Birds were flying over it and I could see each bird two times, one of it a perfect reflection of the other.

the tourist

I did my little dance, and then I continued walking. There were more sad cornfields and more villages. One time I saw a cat steal something from a fat, angry man. It was strangely satisfying to watch.

Then I was in the hills again where there were no people. I saw a cloud of dust coming in my direction, and it turned out to be a family in their car. “What are you doing here of all places?” they asked me, and I opened my arms and said the magic word: tourist.

I was a tourist. I was here for fun.


the walk from Mărășești to Oaș:

  • Steffi J.

    Ich gratuliere. Und bewundere deine Ausdauer, den Mut, den Enthusiasmus, den Optimismus, deine Fotos,deine Geschichten. Danke dafür dass man dich begleiten darf!Liebe Grüße von Steffi aus Dd


  • Louise

    Congrats on the 15000km.

    About the cornfield. They are most likely for cows and will need to dry before they chop them up and cover it with plastic to ferment (ensilage)


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