the eyes of Sibiu

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This post is about a 2km walk within Sibiu. I change guesthouses and notice the famous “Eyes of Sibiu” on the way.

The hostel was fully booked today. So I had to move. I decided to leave the area of sophistication and go to the edge of town to settle down there. It was a short walk.

a move

I passed the train station, crossed the railroad tracks on a bridge, and then I got a room in a residential district full of quiet streets and small houses. At less than 3km, the way felt as if I hadn’t walked at all. But I finally noticed something about Sibiu. It had eyes.

The city was known for an architectural oddity that people called the Eyes of Sibiu. They were essentially just dormers that provided ventilation to many of the attics. But their shape made them look like eyes that were prying or sleepy. And once you had seen them, you started noticing them everywhere.

dark attics?

I wondered about one thing, though: with dormers this small, the attics had to be very, very dark. Did people in Sibiu not need their attics for anything other than storage? Did they never use them as lofts?


a walk within Sibiu:

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