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This post is about a visit to the Sibiu International Theater Festival. I walk around in the old town and see a few installations.

I was staying in a hostel in the center of Sibiu. It was located next to one bar and on top of another. There were cool and beautiful people everywhere; people with tattoos and beards, people with extravagant makeup, people wearing hats. I felt very much like a country bumpkin, having just come down from the mountains.

It was a bit intimidating.


Luckily I had to go to a pharmacy in a less fancy part of town to pick up my medicine. I got some food there, and then I walked back. Sibiu reminded me of Plovdiv in the way that the old town in the center was very pretty while the rest seemed to be dominated by prefab-buildings.

I stopped at the Church of Archangels Gabriel and Michael on the way. It had been built in the 1970s, but everything about it looked as if it wanted to pretend to be much older. Especially the frescoes in the interior.


Once I got back to the old town I was again surrounded by pretty historical buildings and sophisticated people. It took me a while to understand that they had come for the Sibiu International Theater Festival, one of the biggest theater festivals in Europe.

There was an installation on the central square, a maze made up of hundreds or thousands of candles. I climbed up the Council Tower in order to get a full view.

Then I went to a bar and pretended to be sophisticated


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