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This post is about getting a rabies shot in Alba Julia. I take long taxi rides and watch Jurassic World Dominion, which doesn’t impress me.

I had spent the evening and part of the night before drinking with another patron of the guesthouse. Nobody needed to worry about rabies, he had told me. Why was I so worried? Also, he was going to drive me to the hospital in Sebeศ™ the next day, no problem!

infectious disease department

I waited for a while in the morning, then I asked the boss of the guesthouse to call me a taxi. When I arrived at the Sebeศ™ Municipal Hospital they told me that they didn’t do rabies shots. I had to go to another town called Alba Julia. So I called another taxi.

The ride took another half hour. Once I got to the Alba County Hospital Department of Infectious Diseases it looked as if it was closed. There was a sign with a phone number on the door. I called it, and someone came out. Several nurses asked me a bunch of questions. Then I got the shot.

what the doctor said

In the end a friendly doctor came out and said that it very good to hear that I was taking this thing so seriously. You could never know with feral dogs, he said, and rabies was almost 100% deadly.

I went to a mall after this. There was a Chinese fast food place where I wanted to eat. The owners turned out to be actually from China. The food wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either.

Jurassic Bla

Then I went to the cinema and watched Jurassic World Dominion. Or was it Jurassic Universe? I don’t remember. Either way I was wearing 3D-glasses, and it was all very spectacular. Where they used to have velociraptors, they had atrociraptors now. A t-rex was pitted against a bigger giganotosaurus. Everything was the biggest and the meanest ever.

But it wasn’t scary. The suspense of the original Jurassic Park wasn’t there. There were no people looking at glasses of shaking water. And there was no intimacy, either. There were no velociraptors carefully hunting children in a hotel kitchen.

Jurassic Bla, as I like to call it, was like gonzo porn: stimulating purely on a visual level, and you wouldn’t have missed out on anything if you chose to fast forward.


There was one good scene, though: for whatever reason two t-rexes are fighting on a public square. As the camera pans in on them, there is a guy taking a ride on a scooter right between them, looking totally unfazed. He gets eaten of course.

I think scooter guy is us. Humanity.


getting a rabies shot in Alba Julia:

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