Carpathian Hunger

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This post is about a 24,4km walk from Obârșia Lotrului to Oașa Lake. I walk through the woods and I listen to Darkthrone.

I felt tired when I left Ninel’s guesthouse. It would have been nice to stay there for a little while longer. They had a hammock between some trees, and the food was good. I would have liked to rest in the sunshine and the mountain air. But I had to go.


My next vaccination was scheduled for the 25th. This meant that I had to get to the next town with a hospital by then. Also, I needed to get to Sibiu by the end of the month. The next batch of my MS medication was waiting for me in a pharmacy there.


And so I dragged my body out of Obârșia Lotrului and onto the road. It surprised me by going uphill for a while. Then it went downhill again. The forest was dense, and there wasn’t much traffic. Sometimes a car, sometimes a bunch of motorcycles.

I walked past a few places where loggers were clearing out the forest, and because I was deep in the woods of the Carpathian Mountains I listened to Darkthrone. And it was good.

the lake

Then the horizon opened, and there was a lake. It was called Oașa Lake, and it was wide and blue. I thought it would be a nice idea to camp next to the lake, but I couldn’t find a suitable spot. It was always the forest to one side and the forest to the other. Or a cliff.

I ended up getting a room in a guesthouse.


the walk from Obârșia Lotrului to Oașa Lake:

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