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This post is about a 15km walk from Rânca to the Transalpina View Point. I see some snow and I hear some Hungarian.

I had a tight vaccination schedule ahead of me: my next shot was going to be on June 21st. This meant that I needed to be in a place from where I could get to a hospital on that day.


And so I started walking. I got my stick out and my pepper spray ready, and I left Rânca. The hairpin turns started right after the last building. They took me in a non-stop climb to an elevation of about 2000m. There was some snow next to the road at this point. I sat down next to the snow and had some tea, and I took some pictures with it, just like many of the drivers and motorcyclists did.

I was still in my shirt at this point, and it all felt a bit surreal.


Then the weather changed. It did so all the time in the mountains. The sky would be blue for a while, and then dark clouds would appear out of nowhere.

Soon I was wearing my windbreaker, and it still felt a bit cold. There were more serpentine roads, and I reached the highest point at about 2100m. I put my sticker on the backs of a few road signs, and I picked a few flowers and put them in my notebook.


I saw the Transalpina View Point, the place where I wanted to spend the night, hours before I reached it. It was on a mountain ridge only a short distance from me, but I had to cross a valley in order to get there.

When I finally arrived, it turned out to be a few cabins and motor homes powered by a generator. There was a restaurant, and there were some kiosks selling local specialties.

The owners of the restaurant spoke Hungarian. One of them wore a shirt that said SZEKLERLAND. I figured they were probably part of the Szekler minority. I got some soup and some thick slices of bread that reminded me of home.

Then I pitched my tent next to the restaurant. Someone was kind enough to move a truck so it blocked some of the wind for me.


the walk from Rânca to Transalpina View Point:

  • Steffi J.

    Aber wird die kleine Dose Pfefferspray auch gegen die Bären helfen?? Ich hoffe, du triffst auf keine. Bleib gesund, Grüße aus Dresden, Steffi


  • Jared

    The mountain views are spectacular! How beautiful that you get to really enjoy them, instead of speeding through in a car or motorcyle.


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