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This post is about a 26km walk from Svrljig to Knjaževac. I struggle with some more uphill roads, but then it gets easy.

The night has been a bit better than the one before. But again everything is wet. Thick morning dew has covered the Caboose, the tent, and even the inside of the tent.


I spend a few hours drying my things in the sun. It feels nice, though. An easy morning. My sleeping bag, the inlay for the sleeping bag, the rain cover for my backpack, and my towel – they’re all hanging in a tree close by. And the tree is absolutely beautiful. The more I look at it, the more it seems like a perfect tree. And all I can do is sit there and wait. I eat some bananas and drink some leftover tea, and I look at the tree.

Then, finally, I get going.

the bus

There are no villages on my way to the next town. No restaurants, no shops, no gas stations. I have plenty of food, but I hope my water reserves are going to be enough, given that it’s a hot day.

The road is still okay. There aren’t that many cars and trucks. Sometimes I see a bus, a bright red bus that goes to Niš. I have seen it before, yesterday and the day before that. I wonder if it’s just one bus or if it’s several buses that all look the same.

The inclines are just as bad as yesterday. I struggle with them in the heat, and once I get to the highest point I sit down and have a large meal of the leftovers from the day before. Then I take out my bamboo mat and spread it out on the ground. I lay down on it and let the sun shine on my belly. It feels like I haven’t done this in years.

better than uphill, but…

The rest of the way to Knjaževac goes downhill. It’s not exactly easy, because the Caboose is heavy and she has no brakes. But it still beats going uphill.

I walk into the evening, and just as I reach the first buildings, I notice a water fountain next to the road. I’ve run out of water a few hours ago, so I stop to fill up my bottles and sit down to rest a bit.

dudes who speak German

This is when a group of men grilling two sheep notice me and wave me over. They’re from the Romani community, and they all speak German. The sheep are for the next day, the holiday of St. George. It’s an important day for them, they tell me as we toast in the darkness. I’m drinking my slivovitz, they’re having beer.


the walk from Svrljig to Knjaževac

  • s t e l l a r a t o r

    You are right, that was a perfect tree. I am fond of trees myself. I saw a magnificent one on a recent trip and couldn’t stop taking pictures of it: imgur.com/a/nK2hKsm


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