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This post is about a 17km walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri. It snows heavily, which is great until I fall down some stairs.

Something was strange this morning. Whatever was behind the window, it was so… bright. I got up and pulled back the curtains, and there it was: snow. And not just a little bit. Everything was covered in a thick layer of white.

pomelos and X-Wing

Yes! I thought. And I decided to get out my gaiters. Ever since those first snow days in China, I had been loved wearing them, and now I appreciated them even more. I was wearing light trail runners that didn’t even have Gore-Tex membranes. Gaiters, man, gaaaai-terrrrrrs!

It was perfect. The snow was thick and the streets were empty, and my feet made those loud crunchy noises that sound like ripe pomelos being ripped open. One pomelo, two pomelos, three pomelos, four. Hundreds of pomelos, thousands of them. The Caboose also made a sound, and a surprisingly loud one, too. It reminded me of the engine of an X-Wing. I patted her to tell her she had done me proud.


We walked for a while, tossing and enforcing, and our style was awesome. Then it stopped snowing, and then the snow that was on the ground started going away. It wasn’t as if it was melting and leaving behind puddles of water. It just disappeared somehow.

I stopped at a small restaurant and had a serving of soup and beans. Then I ordered dessert. I felt invincible, wearing my gaiters and all.

That feeling vanished when we walked past a roadside hotel and I went in to ask for a room. When I came back I fell down the stairs, and not just a little bit. I slid down several steps, collapsing onto myself like a folding chair, and I landed hard on my elbow.

“Oh!” the receptionist gasped, “are you okay?”

I didn’t know what to do, so I did the one thing that was even more embarrassing than falling down the stairs. I gave him a rigorous thumbs up, but without saying anything or even looking at him. Then I walked over to the Caboose, picked up her handlebars, and we walked off, our chins held high, like princes who had been expelled from their kingdoms.


Putting on the gaiters:

gaiters on trail runners

Snow in Kumburgaz:

snow in Kumburgaz

The Caboose on the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri:

The Caboose on the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri

Fun in the snow:

The Longest Way on the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri

I enjoyed the transformation of the land so much:

Marmara sea coast in the snow

So much:

Marmara Sea coast in the snow

Roadside shop on the way to Silivri:

Roadside shop on the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri

Snowy beach near Kumburgaz:

snowy beach near Kumburgaz


Turkish desserts

The snow-free part of the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri:

The snow-free part of the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri

Fake police near Silivri:

fake police on the walk from Kumburgaz to Silivri

Couches in front of a suspicious building:

couches in front of suspicious building

The elbow of a prince:

hurt elbow

  • Steffi J.

    Hallo, Christoph, da drรผck ich mal die Daumen, dass es nur der Ellenbogen war und nicht noch mehr weh tut! Der Winter hat dich eingeholt in der Tรผrkei… die Gamaschen sind toll und die Schuhe hoffentlich warm und wasserdicht :). Komm gut voran, GrรผรŸe aus Dresden, Steffi.


  • Kevin Chambers

    Looks beautiful – the snow. I love the fake police.


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