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Very friendly people at the hotel:

hotel in Ganting

It had been a much better night than the one before, I guess you can tell that from the picture, eh?

I stepped out into the white:


Snow had been falling all night and all day, creating a soft whiteness that made the few colors I could see so much stronger:

I am happy

“I am happy ๆˆ‘ๅฟซไน” …and it was the truth.

Few people outside. But I ran into a guy taking a walk on the highway with his umbrella:

umbrella guy

He told me about a good place to have lunch a couple of miles down the road.

I stopped for an extended break that I used to thoroughly warm up, then I continued walking towards the city.

As it got closer, misery became more …visible:

poor person

I tried to help this poor soul by offering him/her a little cash, but all I got in return was an annoyed grunt.

Sometimes when asking local people how they deal with these lost ones, I get told that they are out of their minds, and that giving them anything wouldn’t do any good, because they wouldn’t be able to understand it anyways.

I don’t know. But I do think that being crazy probably doesn’t make anyone immune to low temperatures.

And it is very cold outside.

I was happy to get to the city eventually, also because I had been planning to find a nice place and hang out there for a little while:


The kids were out:

kids in the snow

…having a blast…

no bobsled in sight

…sliding on their butts…

children in Linfen

…until the sun went down, and then again in the morning.

Looked like a lot of fun to someone who hasn’t done this kind of thing in a long time.

  • Marvin

    Makes you think. That poor homeless person was once a small child playing in the snow. Everyone has a story.
    I know you get tired of hearing this, but be careful. Cold can creap up on you faster than heat. Make sure you are close to shelter. Snow can really fool you. Sorry it's the Dad coming out in me. Just take care.


  • Christoph

    Always careful! Plus: you know how lazy I am… I would always stay close to a place that has food and drink and people that are merry! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • David lee

    Take care yourself, especially your feet.


  • Meagan

    The person slumped over in the cold makes me so sad. Also makes me wonder if China has any formal mental health services. All people need (a lot of times) is someone to care, someone who believes in them, and can offer them a little bit of hope, along with maybe some access to therapy and medicine. Breaks my heart ?


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