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This post is about how I am trying to get permission to walk across the Bosphorus. It doesn’t really work. Also, I have a cold.

I had felt it in the evening. Maybe even before that. There was a reason why I was so tired all the time.

The sneezing, the runny nose, the sore throat, the coughing, the slight headache – the symptoms were all there by now. I didn’t have a temperature, and a rapid test for Covid turned out negative, so that was good. It was just a cold.

Either way I decided to stay in my room for a few days and wait it out. Luckily, the hotel I was staying at was very nice.


There were some blog posts to write up. I finished editing a video about the way from Doganyurt to Amasra. And I talked to friends of Can Yılmaz and Zafer Algöz about the bridge problem: I still needed to get a special permission to walk across one of the bridges over the Bosphorus.

I wrote an email to Nihan Yücel, assistant to Ekrem İmamoğlu, the mayor of Istanbul. In my email, I asked their office to kindly give me the permission.

I even added the line

I promised many people that I would give them chocolate if I could cross that bridge. Please don’t make me disappoint them!

Maybe that would help.

and ministries

Then, because I couldn’t be sure if the bridge was within the responsibility of the mayor’s office, I called the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. They said no. I pleaded a bit and told them about two other travelers who had been given the permission before. They said I could write an email.

And that was that.


Down with a cold in Akcakoca:

down with a cold in Akcakoca

Covid test:

Covid test

The office:

the office

The Eftelya Hotel in Akcakoca:

The Eftelya Hotel in Akcakoca


Rain in Akcakoca

My hands from the uphills with the Caboose:

callouses from the Caboose handlebars

The Caboose, resting:

The Caboose, resting

The Longest Way – The Water In November:


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