Madame Le Pig

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Right off the bat, I run into two Germans. We are everywhere. I’m just surprised the Mars Rover hasn’t found any yet.

bird view

“Ja, guten Tag, nice to meet you here! It is quite cold on this planet, isn’t it? Thank god we have the best outdoor coats and thermal underwear, haha, jaaa!”

I give another one of my tennis balls to a dog.

dog gets tennis ball

My feet hurt. I sit down next to a small bridge in a village. A girl crosses the bridge. On her shirt it says TODAY IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. Some men are trying to tow a BMW with an old tractor. The exhaust pipe of the tractor shakes like a reed in the wind.

A bit later a big fat pig shows up.


I got cookies in the Caboose, and Madame Le Pig wants those cookies. She circles around me a few times, sniffing, grunting, trying to nibble here and there. A feisty pig. I respect her for that and decide to give her some bread.

Two men give me some apples.

apple givers

A young cow manages to get one of them.

apple taker

My heart is like a thin cloud.

When I arrive at a fast food stand near some trees, I set up camp. The owner of the hotel in Vani calls me to check if everything is okay. He knows I have to sleep in my tent tonight.

new fren

I tell him I’m going to be alright. There is a little dog who is going to keep me company under the trees, and he is going to stay with me all through the night.

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