the couch that overlooks Tbilisi

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Sometimes being up close is good. Sometimes it’s not.

Today I decided to scoot back a little bit and get an overview of the city. So I went to this old neighborhood at the foot of a hill:

old car in Tbilisi

A set of stairs led up to a vantage point above the buildings:

old neighborhood in Tbilisi

And I found the view up there to be quite charming:

old town of Tbilisi from above

Someone else had apparently shared this sentiment, for they had brought a couch to the place, presumably in order to enhance the viewing experience:

couch over Tbilisi

I stayed there for a while, then I decided to go further up:

path into the hills

And up there, in the hills that overlooked Tbilisi, I found a quiet place where I sat and watched the clouds play:

Tbilisi cathedral from afar

And once more I witnessed the spectacle of the city getting into her evening gown of lights:

lights coming on in Tbilisi

And while I was up there, I figured that there was only one thing truly missing:

evening in Tbilisi

The couch.

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