clouds on fire

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Remember the hole in my pants that I had just gotten fixed a few weeks earlier?

Well, now I had a new one in a different part of my pants:

another hole in my pants

I took them to another tailor, and I sighed. Sometimes it felt as though everything was slowly coming apart.

When I got back to my apartment I continued going up the stairs. You see, I was living on the 7th floor of a high-rise. There were more floors though. So this time I went up, up, up, and when I got to a door that was closed I looked around.

There were a lot of graffiti:

graffito in Shartava 41

And there was a view. So I put up the camera, and then I stood there and waited. Clouds came and went. The sun disappeared behind my back, and it got a bit darker.

And then the clouds caught fire:

evening over Shartava

It was as if there was supposed to be a sound.

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