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I was going to move to my secret hideout today. So I said goodbye to my friends, got out the Caboose from under the stairway, and then I loaded her up and told her that the road was waiting for us once more:

leaving the old house

What I didn’t tell her: it wasn’t going to be that much road, rather just a short stroll through the city.

street in Tbilisi

It was an easy walk with only one tiny obstacle in our way – an underpass with a bunch of stairs:

underpass in Tbilisi

This one turned out to be doable, though. And down in its belly we ran into No-Face, a character from the Japanese anime “Spirited Away”:

Caboose with cute ghost

Don’t know that movie? Go watch it! It is mezmerizing, that’s all I’m going to say.

The apartment was in a rather new part of town that vaguely reminded me of China:

view from the new place

Maybe this was one of the reasons why I had chosen it.

I parked the Caboose in the lobby and told her I would be “right back”:

Caboose in the lobby

Then I went to a supermarket and did some grocery shopping.
And this time I did it like someone who had a home.

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