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My tests had come back, and the results were good. Or rather: for me they were somehow disappointing, because they showed that I was healthy, which meant that there was no minor problem that a bit of medication would be able to cure.

No, I was told, apparently I was just exhausted.

And it was true, I could feel it not only in myself, but also in my equipment. At this point, after two years on and off the road, my phone had trouble charging, one of my cameras made strange noises, and some of my clothes were starting to come apart.

So I decided to take a break. I went and rented a place for two weeks, and I was going to rest there until I felt better. I would still be updating the blog. But I wouldn’t make any videos, and I would scale down my activities. The plan was to move to the apartment the next day.

So today I went to the tailor, where I naturally overpaid (having forgotten to negotiate the price two days earlier), and I got my pants and my hat. The hat came back to me with a huge patch right in the center:

repaired hat

SIGNUM ARQUEONAUTAS? I had no idea what the hell that was supposed to mean, but it seemed as though the hat had been properly patched and was strong and healthy again.

I wanted that, too. For myself.

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  • Barb B

    Signum appears to be a men’s clothing line made in Germany. The Arqueonautus men’s fashion brand also started in Germany. Very apt.


  • Mara

    Good luck Christoph! Love from Holland.


  • Stéphane

    Yes, Swimming, this is exactly what you should do! If you can do some yoga as well, this is even better since the combination is the best you can do for your body.
    Prends bien soin de toi, mon ami.


  • Benjamin K

    Maybe you can sent the Caboose ahead on a truck and go with a backpack for a few days? You only got her for the empty stretches in china.


  • Ju

    Lao Lei,
    I alway watch your video in Chinese! Most people will have some accent to speak a foreign language. Somehow, I thought you could have some German accent in English too! I was wrong! One day I started to watch your video in English until the end I notice it is English and I do not know why I thought it was Chinese. I guess because your English Is as good as Chinese too! 😉
    Today, I watched the video you went to the tailor! And then I went to shop in Dillard’s. You know what I almost bought a cargo pant for you! 🙂 l like that short video but you forgot to tell us the price you paid for Tailor !


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