the mushrooms I had made

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When I was at the supermarket the day before, I bought milk, butter, mushrooms, onions, cream cheese, tomatoes, pasta, pesto, a lot of fruits, lemonade, bread, nutella, laundry detergent, müsli, and a few other things I can’t remember.

So I cut up the mushrooms and the onions:

mushrooms and onions

And then I fried them with a bit of butter:


And these mushrooms were the best, not because they were the tastiest ever (they weren’t), but because they were the mushrooms that I had made:

mushroom dish

I. In a kitchen.

No video.

  • Marco

    Mushrooms & Onions = the meal of all serious walkers! A few more dishes like that, and you’ll be 100% ready to cross Erdogan’s Sultanate, at 50 km/day, at least. I wish you a quick recovery in Georgia, the birthplace of your hero (Stalin) and the most glorious of all US states!


  • Eroic



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