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When I woke up, I noticed two things.

Firstly, there was a mysterious new hole in my pants:

broken pants

And secondly, the bath salts that I was carrying around in a zip bag looked like something out of Breaking Bad:

bath salt

And then there was supposed to be Tbilisi. At first it was just a road sign:

heavy traffic near the city

And the road was just as shitty and just as busy as ever:

reaching Tbilisi

So this is not quite Tbilisi yet, I thought to myself. I came to a shopping center that was called China Town (ไธญๅ›ฝๅŸŽ):


There wasn’t much to look at, though. It was just a few import stores:

inside Chinatown

And a dude playing games on his phone:

Chinese vendor

Being in Georgia meant that I was still looking for the Coke Museum. So I was happy when I noticed this place, but it was closed, so I was unable to further investigate:

Coke Museum

I quickly forgot about it, though, when I found a place that sold donuts:


On top of that there were advertisements for bacon-topped hamburgers everywhere:

Baconator ad

When I reached a monument I sat in its shadow for a while:

Airport Square

Then I followed the highway further into town:

enter Tbilisi

Still, I was not sure if I had actually reached Tbilisi yet.

I (heart) sex

There were pet shops:

pet shop

And the street dogs had tags in their ears:

street dog with chip

But that big city feel was missing.

And then it was there:

Tbilisi at dusk

Tbilisi, with its river and its cliffs and it lights:

view from the river

And it was really quite beautiful.

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