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I had managed to arrive in Tbilisi on time, which meant that I had gotten my second rabies shot, and now was my time to rest.

So I went outside and had another donut:

bostom creme donut

Boston creme – the best kind.

Then I walked around a little. Tbilisi seemed to have a strong meme game going on:

Not sure if I’m an idiot

Though I didn’t know what all of them meant:

Tbilisi graffiti

One time I came to a bridge where a bunch of people were staring at a building front:

people praying

Some looked like they were praying, others were crying, and there was an orthodox priest among them. So I inquired, and a lady told me that there was a holy man who lived in one of the buildings (though it was unclear in which one exactly):

holy guy’s residence

The man was supposed to be able to cure illnesses.

I figured that the people who were covering the city in memes were probably very different from those who came here looking for help from a holy man.

Living in the 21st century meant that one didn’t have to go far to find cultures colliding with each other.

Either way, I was staying with friends in an old building that had a veranda on the top floor:


This meant some much-needed hammock time for me.

Daily video:


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  • Alessio

    I’m going to Africa this week for 3 weeks and I got 6 different vaccine! Rabies was one of them and you are supposed to get 3 shots I think. Pretty heavy stuff! The worst is the Hepatitis A+B1.

    Get well soon!


  • Barb B

    Hammock time on the veranda; what a delight! The mice stencils seem Banksy-esque.


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