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The hotel had turned out to be not actually that expensive (about 50 euros per night), but still, it had a very posh vibe too it. Word had it that there was a pool, that there was a spa, and that there was also a golf course.

I only saw the gate to a place where one could play miniature golf, though:


However, the breakfast buffet was the absolute bomb:


And then, when I wanted to leave, I was given a little card that I was supposed to present at the main gate:


It meant to prove that I wasn’t about to leave without paying.

Rich people, I thought, rich people.

The road was easy, but I was tired:


Maybe it was the injection. Maybe it was the stress. Either way I dragged myself past places where people were burning things:


And where they were selling things:


I had eaten a lot for breakfast, so it was easy to walk on my usual lunch of bread and tomatoes and apples. I ate some bread with honey, too:


But I sat down often, and every time I did, the time I spent resting became a little bit longer:


And then I found the castle:


It was called Chailuri fortress, and it was supposed to be from the 16th century:


Now you’re probably wondering why everything still looks this good if Chailuri is supposed to be five centuries old:


There were massive reconstructive efforts in the late 20th century, for better or for worse.


I droned the hell out of the place:

Chailuri Fortress

And then I said goodbye:


Being slowed down by exhaustion and having spent that much time at the fortress meant having to walk through the night once more:


It was a rather busy road, and sometimes there were little food stands on the side:


I left the road near this cross:


And I walked up a village road that was absolutely dark, and it took a little while until I came to a house that was supposed to be renting out a spare room:

house in Manavi

The owners were busy making wine:

making wine

They were crushing grapes in this wooden device:

crushing grapes

Filling barrel after barrel:

wine kegs

And yes, they were renting out a spare room:

my room in Manavi

We had dinner, and then I crashed like a felled tree.

Daily video:

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