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There were expensive hotels, and there were cheap ones. After a bit of searching I had found an affordable room in an historical building, the old Caravanserai of Sheki:

Caravanserai of Sheki

The rooms were a bit run down, but they were spacious, and when it turned out that the shower in my room didn’t work, I got upgraded to a bigger one for free. Now I had a living room:

room in the Caravanserai

And a bed room:

bed in the Caravanserai

It was awesome.

I was busy, though. First I cleaned and waxed my shoes:

waxed shoes

Then I sat down and wrote an article for a German newspaper.

I went outside only once, when I was looking for a dรถner in the late afternoon light:

Sheki in the afternoon

Then I went back to my article:

Caravanserai at night

As always, it was a bit of a struggle.

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