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I woke up to the most gentle of morning lights:

table and trees

Fazil was busy doing his accounting:

morning in Fazil’s restaurant

And two gentlemen were busy playing backgammon:


Want some piti? Fazil asked me, and he showed me the food he was preparing:


Piti is a dish of mutton and vegetables slow-cooked in a little crock. Of course I wanted one!

So I had a serving of piti while Fazil was resting from his work:

Fazil at work

And it was awesome.

Then I got back on my way:

Presidential picture

I reached the outskirts of Sheki at about two in the afternoon, at which point the road started reaching for the mountains:

village in the Caucasus

Sheki was situated in an elevated valley, so I had to work my way up against the weight of the Caboose:

enter Sheki

And then I was there, in the old town of Sheki:


It was still early, and I had all that excess energy from the piti, so I decided to take the Caboose for a spin and walk around a bit before deciding on a place to stay.

There was an old mosque behind a gate:

old mosque

There was a royal palace behind a wall:

Palace Wall

And there was an old building that I was too lazy to identify:

historical building

I stopped to photograph these scribblings on a transformer box:


They said EMO.

Then these little dudes appeared and started questioning me:

little dudes

I don’t speak Azerbaijani, so we couldn’t really understand each other. But we had a good time anyway, and it was decided that we had to pose for a super cool photo to commemorate the occasion:

cool dudes

Then I started looking for accommodation in the tangled mesh of Sheki’s streets:

Sheki from above

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