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Ilgar, the owner of Kafe Piknik, had given me a little shack to sleep in:

my shack

It had been a strange night. It started out too cold (so that I put on a bunch of clothes and used my sleeping bag together with blankie) and ended up too warm (so that I woke up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night and took off the additional clothes and opened my sleeping bag and still felt warm).

Either way it had been better than the prospects of camping, though.

Kafe Piknik was an open air restaurant under the trees:

Kafe Piknik

I started walking, and when I did, I noticed that autumn had arrived:

road through autumn

The leaves were starting to turn yellow and orange and red, and sometimes there was a faint smell of burning wood or coal in the air.

One time a cow stole one of my apples while I was busy taking a selfie:


I walked through a high land that reminded me of the Alps sometimes:

houses with mountains

Just the houses looked a bit different:

house in the mountains

Ran into this dude:

photo with dude one

And this dude:

photo with dude two

They seemed to have a hard time believing that I had crossed the pass of Shamakhi with the Caboose, and once again I realized that the world looked much more difficult from a car window. This was probably because you could see more things at the same time when you were in a car, speeding down the road, as opposed to when you were walking.

I picked some leaves for my collection. One of them was red:

red leaf

The other one was golden:

yellow leaf

Walking, it turned out, was more difficult today than the day before. I just felt so tired, and my whole body hurt. My legs were heavy, and so were my arms. I had a pain in my stomach and a slight headache. Even my ass hurt (because I had used it to push back the Caboose on our way down the slope the day before).

The road was beautiful, though:

road under clouds

There were always some cows around, and I was always wary of them trying to steal my stuff:

cows saying hello

And one time there was a very handsome and very arrogant horse:

haughty handsome horse

I took some much-needed hammock time, and I fell asleep right away:

hammock time

When I arrived in the little town of Ismailli, it was already dark, and a thunderstorm was descending upon the world:

square in Ismailli

There was nothing to do but continue walking through the wet darkness:

rain in Ismailli

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