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After what can only be described as a perfectly peaceful night, I woke up well-rested and thanked Ildar, the owner of the restaurant “Tabriz”, for his hospitality:

with Ildar

Then I continued along the old highway, thinking that it would probably last forever:

restaurant Tabriz

But of course it didn’t. The old highway ended somewhere in a fenced area.

These two gentlemen helped me bend the fence so the Caboose and I could slip through:

dudes who help

Then we were back on the new highway:

back on the highway

It was a miserable place to be walking – hot, loud, with no shade for hours. Sometimes I would notice vehicles that looked like they had been abandoned:

abandoned car?

It was around 33 degrees celsius, and there were no trees and no buildings anywhere around. I stayed in the shade of this sign for a while:

tiny shade

That’s how miserable it all was.

I actually liked some of the trucks, though, because they would bring a gust of cool air with them:


And the advertisements on their sides made the semi-deserted scenery seem less unforgiving:

semi desert

It took me about four or five hours until I found a little restaurant that sold water (I had some in the Caboose, but I wanted to save it for the night), and from there it was another ten minutes until I finally sat down in this perfectly shaded place under a bridge:

water and shade

I stayed there for a long time.

Then I walked a little more, and I started looking for a place to set up camp. Sometimes there were settlements in the distance:


I managed to find a pretty perfect place, but there was a tiny little house next to it:

tiny house

I figured it was probably just a shack for some tools, so I was surprised when I pushed open the door and found out that someone seemed to actually live there:

58 phone cards

He had collected 58 phone cards and pinned them to the wall. I guessed he probably missed his home a lot, so I figured that he was probably a nice person.

With this in mind, I set up camp not far from the house:


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  • Benjamin K

    Thank you for explaining the happiness of the desert highway! I did’t quite get it though, but hope, that it will dawn on me ode day. Surrender to the inevitable? I guess.


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