The Grumpiest Way

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It was going to be a short, easy day.

But when I woke up, I felt grumpy. I had no idea why I was that way. Maybe I was just tired. Maybe it had to do with hormones or something. The only thing I did know was that I did not want to talk to anyone.

So I left Asalem:

leaving Asalem

I had a can of alcohol-free beer (apparently from Germany) in the shade of a tree:

alcohol-free beer

And I recognized that the road with the mountains in the background was quite beautiful today:

road with mountains

But that didn’t help. I was still grumpy when I reached the town of Talesh:

roundabout in Talesh

I had a sandwich there, and I took a long break to sit and brood and be grumpy. At some I found myself diving into a vicious cycle, as I was getting annoyed by my grumpiness, which was in turn making me even more grumpy.

Even the Caboose couldn’t cheer me up:

Caboose in Talesh

I reached a hotel right after Talesh while the sun was still up. So I sat down and sorted through my pictures and tried to get rid of the grumpiness through work. But that didn’t help.

Eventually I went out looking for something to eat for dinner. I looked for a while, and my grumpiness was approaching maximum capacity, when I found this Italian restaurant that served pretty good pasta:

pasta in Talesh

I ate all the pasta.

And then I didn’t feel grumpy anymore:

pasta chef in Talesh

Or maybe, just maybe, you can still see a hint of it in my eyes.

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Sorry, no 360 degree video today.

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