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I had arrived at the hotel at one thirty the night before, and I had slept at three. So I felt a bit groggy when I stepped out into the sunshine at about ten in the morning and said hello to this flower:


“You look like shit”, the flower said.

“I know”, I answered, “you don’t have to be so mean.”

I was still on the highway. There was no secondary road to where I was going (West), and even if there was one sometimes, there was always the problem of how to cross the rivers:


And there were a lot of rivers going from the mountains and into the Caspian Sea:

river and buildings

So I stayed on the highway, and I was rewarded with the chance to see a fire:


A stylishly bent building:

bent building

A poster for a girl who had won a trophy:

girl with trophy

A truck with a poster of the Ayatollahs:

Ayatollah in a car

And a guy chilling on a couch in an unfinished building behind a fence.

dude on couch

He might look a bit mean on the picture, but he was actually quite friendly.

I had dinner in a place called Star Berger:

Star Berger crew

And I have to say the cheeseberger was pretty good.

While I was walking further on into the night, somewhere in Russia, the French football team was beating that of Uruguay:

road to Tonekabon at night

Then I reached a fruit stand where Ali and Abdullah told me to sit down and watch the game with them:

Ali and Abdullah

This time it was Brazil vs Belgium. I got fruits and tea, and Ali helped me a find an apartment around the corner that I could rent for the night.

So we sat there, watching the game on a tv that was suspended from the roof, and every once in a while someone came in to buy some fruits and vegetables:

fruit stand

I liked both of them very much – Ali, the big guy:


And his friend Abdullah, the Afghan:


Brazil lost, Belgium won.
And we laughed a little at Neymar.

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  • Kelly

    Hey Chris great video the couple holding hands is “mother fucking beautiful ” and I for one appreciate you keeping it real in your vids & posts. I get tired of the photo blogs where everything is always perfect & everyone is always beautiful & having a good time. Its inauthentic & yes you said it, boring! Anyway keep up the awesome work & I also like to think you’re spreading humanity & friendliness & that counts for more than anything else right?!? Love it !


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