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Again, the highway:

road to Chalus

One thing that is remarkable about the coastal areas here is that women are apparently allowed to ride bicycles by themselves:

woman cyclist

From what I understand this is forbidden in most other parts of the country, where women must always have a male companion present when they’re riding a bike.

Why, though?

Either way I still hated the highway:

trash on the road

And still the most recurring images I saw were people selling clothes on the roadside:

boy selling clothes

And still the local houses were either massive villas…

villa on the coast of the Caspian Sea

…or they looked like they were about to be overgrown:

house near Chalus

I found a little bit of joy in inspecting some of the parked trucks:

bulldog mascot

But when they were thundering down the road next to me, I hated them:

truck in the sunset

It was around the 25k-mark that I was finally able to leave the highway and take a little road through the outskirts of Chalus. Someone had drawn a sad Mohamad K:


Who was Mohamad K, and why was he so sad? I would never know.

What I did know, though, was that this little road was helping to slowly restore some of my sanity:

walking into Chalus

There were even moments when it was absolutely quiet:

nightly road

When I reached the center of Chalus, the Caboose broke down and I had to change the tire. But I wasn’t angry about it. I walked slowly past a bazaar and some people selling melons:

melon vendors in Chalus

And I felt nothing but tiredness.

Daily video:


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360 degree video:


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  • BehdabrA

    Hello Christoph,
    360ยฐ videos are awesome!
    also I just wanted to tell you that I have noticed in a lot of your videos from Iran, people walking and passing by you , when you say salaam to them, they greet you with a phrase “Khaste Nabaashi” which in Persian is a slang and kind of means “Bless you” or “don’t get tired” or “wishing you good health”
    e.g. @2:40๏ปฟ


  • Alessio

    Chris on the longest highway! Seriously maybe some good pair of noise canceling headphones would help better than the earplugs because you can still listen music.


  • Benjamin K

    Why did you not use any of the smaller roads to the south? There seem to be plenty!


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