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Stayed in another motel. It had a very quiet, empty, almost post-Soviet atmosphere to it:

motel in Mahmudabad

I liked it.

There was a photo at the reception desk that showed a group of French people:

French visitors to Mahmudabad

Were they famous? I didn’t know.

What followed was another day on the highway. Again there were people selling clothes:

clothes for sale next to the road

And again there were advertisements:

big size

And shops:

Made in Iran

And fake shops:


And sometimes the poorer parts would show through the cracks:

near Mahmudabad

One time I passed a mosque with a top that looked charmingly crooked:

mosque dome

The lower part, on the other hand, seemed to be rather politicized:


I had a simple lunch of bread and canned vegetables in a little side street. Iranian bread is very good, especially this naan-style bread they call barbari:

barbari bread

There’s another kind called lavash (remember how I loved the lavash in Kazakhstan?), but it is mostly terrible, resembling flat rubber:

lavash bread

The highway was unbelievably loud, and I was glad to have my earplugs. It was hard to fathom how anyone could be next to the highway all day in order to sell towels:

towels for sale

Or plush toys:

stuffed toys for sale

And to me, being next to the highway made the stuffed animals look sad:

stuffed toys

I was glad to arrive in Nur:

street scene in Nur

Saw some people fishing in a small canal:

people fishing in Nur

Saw another mosque in the evening light:

mosque in Nur

And I passed by restaurants:

night in Nur

And shops:

shop in Nur

And by more plush toys:

stuffed toys in Nur

They, too, looked sad in the faint electric light.

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