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After a great night of laughter and music, I left my friends and the little village of Gorji Mahalle. The sky looked like it didn’t want me to leave:

road out of Gorji Mahalle

The highway was roaring as usual, but there was the occasional roadside clothes stand:

roadside clothes stand

And there were people who stopped to take pictures…

dudes on motorcycle

…or to have their picture taken:


This gentleman was on his way to Mashhad:


And when I thought about it, Mashhad was a place that seemed very far to me now.

I arrived in the little town of Neka after nightfall.

People were running around buying food for dinner. I stopped for a rest next to this cake shop:


They looked Chinese to me, those cakes. Or American. They seemed to be all about looks. There was much cream, much frosting, much coloring, much decoration.

I preferred simpler things.

There was a small hotel in Neka. The way there led me past a workshop:


And a little shop in a back alley:

shop in Neka

And then I was there.

Daily video:

360 degree video:

  • FENG

    The meat grinder……Thanks.


  • Ben

    i was recently in a Kebab shop. they had cakes looking similar to this, all fancy


  • Tommy LogancityO2S

    Hey Chris, as you probably know I’m a huge fan of the images of all the different people you’ve encounter on your “longest way” journey and it got me to thinking that perhaps you should do a video dedicated to the people of the longest way …. on second thought, it wouldn’t have that same continuity as your other videos, hmm, I don’t know, just tossing it out there.


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