where cars come to die

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When I woke up and left Neka, it was already noon. But I didn’t have to walk very far today. Maybe twenty or twenty-five kilometers, I figured. So I was going to take it easy.

Especially since I still hated the highway.

I was somewhat happy when I passed a place where a few cars lay ruined and demolished on the ground:

dead car

And there was more.

The obligatory little blue trucks of Iran?

little blue truck

This was the place where they came to die:

dead little blue trucks

I loved it.

Walking on the highway means trying to ignore the highway (while paying attention to it regarding your own safety).

So I mostly looked at things that were next to the road, like this white stuff someone was selling:

roadside white stuff

Or these curtains:

roadside curtains

This propaganda poster seemed to warn of the dangers of bearded men:

crime poster

While this advertisement poster featured a bearded man who was happily smoking the hookah:

hookah poster

There were a few men holding up signs with advertisements as well:

roadside advertisement

I didn’t know what they were for, but when I asked them if it was for a restaurant or a hotel, they said yes, yes, yes:

roadside advertisement 700

There were quite a few car stores on my way, too, and a few of them were foreign:

car store

What was going to happen to them with the sanctions in place? All Iranians I talked to hated Chinese cars.

Oh, and one time I ran into a friend of mine from Razaviye near Mashhad:


The last time I had seen him was six months before.

When I entered the city of Sari, it seemed to be mostly abandoned buildings at first:

abandoned buildings

Then there was an unfinished building of Akbar Joojeh, a grilled chicken franchise that had originally come out of Behshar to take the whole of Iran by storm:

new Akbar Joojeh

There were no international fast food restaurants. None. Sometimes there were building fronts that looked a bit familiar:

clothes store in Sari

But this one, for example, was a clothing store.

I crossed a river into Sari:

Sari river

And then I was on proper city streets:

kids in Sari

It was eight in the evening, and people were lining up outside of the bakeries in order to buy bread with which to break their fast:

bakery in Sari

I was hungry.

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  • pingpa

    The big M clothing store! :D:D:D


  • Meagan

    “All of this is part of the longest way, all of it.” Poignant insight into all the good and bad times in life, really.. the ups and downs, highs and lows, comedies and tragedies, loves and losses… all just a part of this wonderful journey we call life!!


  • Ammar

    The content was very beautiful. Iran has the most beautiful sights and humans.
    I hope you travel to Iran more. thank you


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