I need to do something about the rain

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The last shop I saw before I hit the country road was a bit underwhelming:

last shop

And so was the road. It was loud and noisy.


But there was hope. Studying the map beforehand had revealed a dirt path that went parallel to the main road. Only when I tried to take it, these two friendly farmers showed up and apologized because they had set it under water:


I ended up taking a detour around the water, and then I was finally on the dirt path:


I felt like I belonged there – it was peaceful and quiet, with the occasional cow or a horseman appearing out of nowhere:


When it started raining, the dirt path quickly turned to mud, so I went back to the main road and looked for cover under a mulberry tree. These campers were just getting ready to leave:


The rest of the way was mind-crushing. It went uphill, it went through rain, and the traffic was surprisingly dense:


When I got close to Jozak, a small settlement right before a major uphill section of the road, a dude stopped his car and told me which restaurant I was supposed to go to in order to find shelter for the night:


It was that of Abolfaz and his cousin Yusuf:

selfie with Abolfaz and Yusuf

They gave me a place to sit down and dry my cameras…

in the restaurant

…and my clothes:

stuff drying

Then they gave me some kebab:


Then we sat there, talking about cameras and traveling, while they smoked…


…and I took pictures:


Daily video:

360 degree video:

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