the day after leg day

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I woke up and both my legs hurt like hell.

So I limped down a few buildings and got some hot water for my tea:

boiling water

Then I limped around some more:

back lot in Ashkhaneh

I wanted chocolate milk, so I was excited when I found this shop with its beautiful tall boards:

shop in Ashkhaneh

I was thinking very hard about which way I was supposed to take from here. Should I follow the highway, which meant saving time and seeing big forests on the way? Or should I walk around the mountains in the north? The shopkeeper advised me to take the highway, and then he patiently posed for a photograph:

shopkeeper in Ashkhaneh

I ate very much that night:

dinner in Ashkhaneh

And when I finally fell on my bed, I felt as if I had been walking all day. And my legs seemed to hurt even more than before.

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  • TomR

    that shop has a lot of character. I’d love to just look around for something interesting to buy. Hey I’ve also been wondering. What’s the yellow spice?? they put on the rice? I’ve seen it a few time in your videos now and have been meaning to ask. Thanks.


  • Victor E

    Thank you!
    Learned something today. What you call saffron is what I call tumeric.
    If there is a difference, let me know.
    I am running around on this earth totally ignorant of my ignorance.


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