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I woke up in a room that was clean, quiet, and cozy.

And things got even better when I opened the door to the living room and found out that we were about to have breakfast:

breakfast at Bahman’s place

Staying with my friend Bahman and his wife was the best:

Bahman and his wife

It made me wonder why I had not come here earlier. Why I had stayed in the city center for such a long time.

There was only about a week left before my flight to Taiwan, where I was going to go to promote my books. I pondered walking for a few more days, but when my friends advised me to go to Isfahan instead, an old town in the center of Iran, I decided to do just that.

Bahman took me to the train station:

Mashhad train station

It was pretty crowded:

inside Mashhad train station

But with the help of another good friend, Mastaneh from the tour guide association of Mashhad, I got a seat on a train. It was apparently made in China, and it seemed very new:

train from Mashhad to Isfahan

I got a bunk in a 4-person compartment:

train compartment

Then we rode into the sunset:

view from train window

Towards Isfahan.

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