like a ghost with the money

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I decided to go back to the bazaar:


It was located right next to the Holy Shrine, so I hung out there for a while:

minarets of the shrine of Imam Reza

And I marveled at the fact that a lot of Mashhad’s traffic apparently passed through a maze of tunnels right under the Shrine:

underground of the shrine of Imam Reza

Then I went back to the hotel.

I saw a sad Trump and a crying dude at a newspaper stand on the way:

news stand in Mashhad

And I saw a little girl that looked as if she had dressed up like a ghost:

playing ghost?

Only she hadn’t.

Oh, and then some motherfuckers stole money from me:


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  • Cathy

    People steal money under a cover of business, law, love, friendship, trustment…Money is good, and people want it.?


  • Kevin

    That’s a shame. But as long as you’ve been on the road it’s pretty remarkable that you haven’t run into more corrupt officials. Still, I’m sorry about it. And yes, the closer you get to “saints” the more corruption there is.


  • Kelly Kitchen

    christoph, you say they base so much of their laws on morals & morality but it’s really about power & control. Take the Chador you lament seeing so much, that is CLEARLY about power & control. Morality my ass. Sounds like thievery & intimidation is more the norm.


  • Richard S.

    I’m sorry this happened to you. I have travelled to Iran twice and had an amazing experience and lots of hospitality. Of course people are flawed everywhere and you will find corrupt and moral less people everywhere.
    I am curious, were the police who stopped you in plain clothes or uniforms? I was told by a tour guide my second time to always ask for ID if stopped by plain clothes persons claiming to be police and to ask that a uniformed police be called if I have suspicions. That or to go to the nearest police station with them. Apparently in recent years since the my first trip some people have been impersonating police on foreigners for bribes and theft.


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