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I felt bad today. Tired. Lacking motivation. Disgusted by the roaches. Annoyed by the people who had stolen my money.

There was a plan in the making: I was going to go to Taiwan in about one week from now in order to promote my books there. Then I was going to go to Germany and do a little presentation tour in order to earn money. Money that other people were then going to steal from me?

I had spent ten days in Mashhad, and it it felt as if I should have left a long time ago. Only where was I supposed to go? And where was I going to leave the Caboose in my time of absence?

I ended up not going anywhere today:

in Mashhad


  • Rainer

    Wtf….I arrived at Pars Hotel in the evening of Oct 18th. And I’m pretty sure I got your room. First floor, turn right twice and then at the end of the hallway. I recognized it by 2 minor but unique flaws at the wall in your roach clip.

    World is so small….coz we had met before in Dresden after your presentation when I asked for a picture with you for my chinese friend and your fan from Chongqing. 😀

    Cheers and good luck everywhere.


  • Asl

    Stop being such a drama queen and stop moaning better man up mate.
    I walked from Afghanistan to England in 1999 without passport and visa when I was 11 years old. I nearly got killed like 100 times or more everyday facing certain death , I got rubbed like 1000 times even I didn’t have any money, I had to steal food to stop my self from dying from hunger, nowI suffer from severe Post traumatic disorder every night I wake up with sever chill that I got stuck some country that I don’t know.
    I wish I was lucky as you traveled the world with pride and with thousands of people following you and know every journey you make.
    Guess what I was arrested in Germany ?? and I was put in adult jail for 5 days and I had 100 dollar it did magically disappear, so I run away from Germany.
    My point is destination is important, journey is to only there to get to your destination.


  • Lai Chang Hao



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