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Went back to the visa office and picked up my passport. It had a little stamp in it:

visa extension in Iran

So I figured I was good to go. Or stay in. Or do whatever.

I decided to have a non-alcoholic beverage:


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And then I went to the bazaar:

overview of the bazaar

They tend to be pretty similar, these bazaars, regardless if you are in China or Uzbekistan or here.

You will see parents with their kids:

toy shopping

A lot of them actually:

little dude

Then there are little dudes who are just having a good time:

happy dude

There are clothes shops:




Photo studios:

photo studio

Places that sell household items:


And if you’re looking for a towel to put on your head, you can get that, too:


One thing is different, though, here in Iran:

chadors for sale

There are lots of chadors for sale:

in the bazaar


chador shop

And outside, of course, more kids:

back street in Mashhad

Playing with the toys they got from the bazaar.

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