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Worked on the blog:

working on the blog

It takes time, especially editing the damn videos.

Anyway I went out once, when the afternoon sun was deep:


And I noticed that the streets were quiet and the shops were closed:

city street on a Friday

It was Friday. Of course.

The Jews have Saturday.
The Christians have Sunday.
The Muslims have Friday.
I’m sure someone has Thursday.

Weekdays didn’t matter much to me, though.

So I walked around for a while:

tree with air conditioning

Saw a lot of air-conditioning on a wall and took pictures of it:

walls with air conditioning

When I found a shop that was open, I bought some yoghurt, some apples, some water, and some cookies. Then I went back to the hotel.

It had roaches. I could hear them in the walls, and sometimes, when I came into the room, I could see them run for safety, or I would find them dead on their backs for unknown reasons. I didn’t like them very much.

What I did like, though, was Baby Roach:

baby roach

It was so tiny and pathetic:


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I couldn’t kill it.

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