The Longest Meal

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Today I learned that this was in fact not Hassan’s place, but that of Mahdi, his son-in-law. How did I find out about this? Well, because Hassan asked me if I wanted to come over. To his place.

But first we properly gorged ourselves.

We had breakfast:

breakfast in Mahdi’s place

And then we watched some TV and had some snacks while lunch was being prepared:

lunch being prepared

Then we had lunch:

lunch in Mahdi’s place

Then some friends and family came over and some of them decided to smoke the hookah:

fire on the qalyan

I didn’t partake:

top view of the qalyan

We left Mahdi’s house at around midnight, which is where this blogpost gets fishy. I mean, it’s an entry with the walking tag. It’s even got its own little map. But really, it was just a stroll of twenty minutes through the village.

Hassan accompanied me. We walked past the mosque:

mosque of Razaviye

And past a martyr memorial for two young men who had died in the fight against ISIS in Iraq (or in Syria?):

martyr memorial in Razaviye

IT was a quiet night, and it was a nice little walk of a mile or so:

night walk through Razaviye

And then we were there, at Hassan’s house in a street where all houses looked strangely alike from the outside:

near Hassan’s house

Again, I got a soft pillow in the living room, and again I lay my head on it. This had been my shortest walking day ever.

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