In The Sultan’s Absence

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When I woke up I was still somehow in this country that had previously existed only as an abstract thought – Iran. It was my first full day here.

The room I was staying in was okay:

hotelroom in Sarakhs

There was wifi, but it was slow as hell. And I mean: AS HELL.

I was so tired that I stayed in all day.

Sometimes I would walk down the corridor though, in order to get hot water for my tea:

hotel corridor in Sarakhs

And one time I even went outside to check on the Caboose:

outside of the hotel in Sarakhs

I noticed that these two gentlemen were everywhere:


In the evening, I went to the hotel dining hall to have dinner:

dining hall in the hotel in Sarakhs

Luckily, they had a menu with photographs, so I just pointed at something. It turned out to be this:

dinner in Sarakhs

I still don’t know what it was called. I can only say this much: I liked it, but I couldn’t quite understand why there were like a dozen french fries in it.

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