half day of frost

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We couldn’t leave right away. First we had to ride a car for forty minutes:

When we arrived in Yangiyul, we waited for two hours in front of the courthouse:

Then I was finally handed my documents. But we couldn’t go back just yet. First we had to register our stay at the hotel in Yangiyul. Why, you ask, had we not stayed the night at the hotel near the fish market of Chinaz? Yes, we had, but bureaucratic changes had made it necessary to register not at the hotel in Chinaz but at another hotel in Yangiyul.

It was almost noon when we finally made it back to Chinaz:

Then our driver Karim took us to Baht, and we said good-bye to him:

Little Timur helped us get the Caboose from the place where we had parked her:

And then we were finally on the road:

It was cold, and frost was on all things:

Sometimes it looked pretty:

But most of the times the road was just miserable, with the divider in the middle making it almost impossible to cross:

There was nothing to do but to keep walking:

And enjoy the frost:

Sometimes there were sayings by the late Islam Karimov on the walls:

And one time there was a road sign that we liked:

Here is my Let’s Walk of the day, filmed with partly new equipment:


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[Note the mean big brother laugh. Yes, guilty.]

We made it to Gulistan eventually:

But when we got there, it turned out that we had to cross a bunch of railroad tracks on an embankment:

There were stairs leading up and down, but with the Caboose it wasn’t easy:

It was decided that I would wear my backpack on my shoulders, pushing the Caboose while Ruben did most of the pulling:

And so we made it.

When we arrived at the hotel it was almost completely dark, and we were very, very tired.

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