la Cabouse est morte, vive la Cabouse!

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So there she was:

The new Caboose:

The Caboose 2.0:

Nice, huh?

We started walking right away, through the bazaar of Yangiyul, filled with cars and cars and people:

Then the bazaar gave way to a more quiet road:

There was a mosque once:

And the road got even more quiet:

This was the first time since entering Uzbekistan two weeks ago that I found myself in a sort of open countryside, if only for a little while:

I had to cross the railroad tracks shortly after that:

And it was good walking after that as well.

An orthodox church:

A mosque:

And what looked like a protestant church:

There was a dude who looked like the king of all donkey carts:

There were little puffs of cotton everywhere, sometimes laying on the road, and sometimes hanging from the trees:

And there was Boris with his friends:

Once, in the village of Almazar, a bunch of dudes asked for a picture:

I figured that just like Kazakhs or Kyrgyz or Chinese, most Uzbek were very friendly, especially those who lived in the countryside.

And countryside it was:

One time I walked over a massive bridge and found myself looking down at a graveyard:

I put down the Caboose and sat down on the railing of the bridge. Had some tea and some cookies.

Then this lady appeared:

We talked for a little while.

Life was not easy, that’s all I can say.

I shared a cookie with this donkey:

Then I continued walking.

Night fell:

But that was no problem, since I was really close to the little town of Chinaz, where a hotel was already waiting for me.

So I kept walking until I reached Chinaz. It was right behind this corner:

But alas! When I asked people on the street for directions to the hotel, they told me that there were in fact two towns with the name of Chinaz. And the hotel was – of course! – in the other Chinaz, an hour or so down the road.


So I kept walking through the night.

Stopped one time to warm up with some tea:

And then it was there, the other Chinaz:

Some people on the road told me to cut through a little road in a residential area, so I did that:

And I found the hotel eventually, behind a highway, next to a fish market.

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