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Christmas Eve. The one day when I really miss my home.

I spent most of it at a police station near the accident site. The cops were alright. They had me write a report in English and came up with a translator.

I tried to keep my report as simple as possible:

On our way back, I made a little video:

Samandar, the driver of the vehicle, the killer of the Caboose, turned out to be a quite nice fellow. Very young anyway.

In the evening I went to have sushi with my friend Shakh:

And then I was alone in the hotel lounge:

  • kevin

    Merry Christmas to you


  • John

    Hey Chris, merry Christmas and happy new year. Just catching up on the news here, and very glad to see that you’re OK. I know that you’ll overcome these problems as usual, and I hope the new year finds you safely on your way again.


  • Anny



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