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I had to leave early in the morning, because it was going to be a long way today.

So I left the house of the friendly Azeri family at around eight:

house in Zhaskeshu

Walked past a little shop:

shop in Zhaskeshu

And then I was out on the highway again:

road near Zhaskeshu

It turned out to be hills all day. Just up and down, down and up:


The Caboose liked it. She digs stuff like that:


But I would have preferred a level road.


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Sometimes I saw construction crews:

construction crew

And one time I walked past a village that was nestled quite nicely between the mountains:

village with mountains

After a bunch of hills I sat down next to a field and had lunch:

business lunch

And when I saw a stray dog I gave him one of my cans of luncheon meat from China:

dog having meat

I hated that meat with a passion, but he apparently loved the hell out of it:


Some more fields…

fields and mountains

…some truck exhaust…

truck exhaust

…and a sunset later…


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…and I had arrived in Aksukent, a small town, which I was sure had a few different hotels to choose from:

night in Aksukent

But I walked until it was dark:

dude trying to hitch a ride

And I walked until Aksukent really began looking like a town:

road in Aksukent

But there was no hotel.

Then a taxi driver pointed me to the train station, which was a bit north of my route. So I went in that direction, passing through dark roads and back alleys:

back alley in Aksukent

It was a bit spooky, but there was nothing I could do but keep walking. And picturing myself giving Mortal Kombat style uppercuts to people.

I eventually found the hotel.

Some dudes were standing around the front door, and when they saw me, they asked for a selfie together:

selfie with dudes

Sure, I said.

Because every time is selfie time, and because I was the highway-walking, dog-feeding, uppercut-giving king of the fucking hill.

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