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The morning was sunny and the sky was blue:

leaving Turar Ryskulov

As I was leaving Turar Ryskulov, I walked past this gentleman preparing a huge pot of plov:

huge plov

And it took me a while until I understood that it was for a restaurant he was about to inaugurate:

new restaurant

He asked me if I wanted to stay, but since the plov wasn’t going to be ready for another two hours, I decided to keep walking.

I stayed on the sidewalk a lot of the time today:


Even though it wasn’t that easy sometimes:


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Saw an old Soviet car that I liked:

old Moskvich

And walked through a lot more autumn leaves:


One of the villages I came through seemed very rich. Almost all of the houses there looked very big and nicely refurbished:

big house

A lady there told me that the village was in fact pretty wealthy, and that it was almost exclusively populated by Uzbeks. And Uzbeks liked to have big houses.

Sometimes children stopped to say hi:


And sometimes they walked a little bit of the way with me.

It’s funny how perspective…

school children from above

…defines how you see things:

school children

I didn’t get very far that day. People had been telling me that Zhaskeshu was the last village for another thirty kilometers that had shops and restaurants, so I was going to find a place to stay there:


It had a big school, so I figured there would be a restaurant, too.


Alas, there wasn’t.

But when I asked a lady in a shop whether she knew anyone who could take me in, she took me directly across the street and introduced me to an Azeri family.

“Come on in!” the dad said without hesitation. And so I was part of the family for the day.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures.

Of the three kids:

the kids

Of the three kids with their mom and their aunt:

the family

Of cookies that the aunt was baking:


Of us doing our homework:


(I’m saying “our homework” because I helped with English as best I could.)

Of the son taking jabs at his dad:

son & dad

Of the younger daughter being really tired from learning useless English words like “indigo”:

younger daughter

At some point I gave the camera to the kids and let them play with it for a while:


And what do you know?


They turned out to be pretty awesome photographers:

the dude

Hard to find a picture of myself that I like better than these ones:

also the dude

Then the dad prepared a nice hot banya for me:


And then we went to sleep.

I went outside once after that to take a leak, and when I did I walked past the bulls:


They were staying in a stable next to the house:

white bull

And they seemed very confused by my presence.

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