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In the morning the dude who had told me the way to the hotel showed up:

Yerig with hotel owner

His name was Yerig.

It was snowing outside, and I didn’t really feel like walking:


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So I stayed in and took some selfies with Madina and Murka:

with Madina and Murka

We were very serious about our selfie-taking:

getting ready for our selfie

Only Murka seemed a bit tired:

selfie with cat

And then, when we were standing around in the kitchen, it hit me:

super hero outfit

With her red outfit and her green scarf, Madina looked just like a super hero!

A super-hero!

Sadly though, I couldn’t stay forever. So at some point I said my good-byes and stepped out into the snow:


The road was tough that day:


Though not quite as tough as I had expected it to be:


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I reached a hotel in the afternoon:

closed hotel

But it was closed.

So I kept on walking, even after the road turned into a mud slide:

mud road

When I reached the village of Shakpak Baba, I found out that it had no hotel. And it didn’t have a restaurant either. But it had four shops, one of which was pretty big:

village of Shakpak Baba

I asked in every shop if they knew anyone who could maybe take me in for the night, but to no avail. They just kept repeating the same word: no, no, no, no.

The problem was this, though:

flat tire

I had blown a tire.

So when this lady called Zoe saw me walking past her house, she asked me what I was doing and why I seemed to be so annoyed:

Zoe's house

And after listening to my account of the events, she said I could just stay in her living room.

“Go in and sit down, I will make tea!” she said:

tea kettle

And she said it with such vigor that I just shut up and did as I had been told.

  • llbuaa

    You and little girl impress me.


  • Lea

    I already tried to post a comment, but it seems like it got eaten up by the internet (or maybe by Murka the cat?). So here again, just wanted to say how much I love your open and friendly sight on everyday life all around the world.. It always makes me happy to see how many nice people you meet on your journey, it shows me that the world maybe isn’t such a bad place it sometimes seems. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures and insights. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • cheauwen

    LOVE Madina and Murka and Zoe, they are so cute and beautiful!


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