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Woke up in my room and saw the light shining through the window:

room in Akyrtobe

Suddenly everything felt a little less spooky than before.

The dead dog was still there though. I was told that the necessary “tools” to remove his body were missing.

I had breakfast with Hamzat, a Russian of Chechen origin:

breakfast with Hamzat

Really cool guy.

And then I was on the road again:

morning road

Had some patriotic chocolate:

"Kazakhstan" chocolate

And marvelled at the mountains:


…and at the clouds that were piling up in the sky:


Took a time-lapse:

And then made a Let’s Walk video in which I talked about time-lapse photography for a while:

Then a shepherd showed up and stayed for a chat:


He was very proud of his horse. And of the fact that there were no Wahhabits in this part of the world (or maybe just not many).

I said yes, that’s good. But in reality I didn’t care much about all of this. I cared about these little airplanes that I had been seeing today and the day before:


They had propellers. They looked tiny and old. From what I could see, I liked them very much.

I walked until it got dark:


Then I put on my reflective vest so that the drivers on the road would be able to see me:

reflective vest

That’s when I took the second Let’s Walk video of the day to show you what arriving at a place could feel like:

Tonight it was going to be a proper guesthouse:


And the place had a shower. A shower!

I went to the food court of the building and pointed at something on the menu:


Then I went to my room and marvelled at the lights in the corridor:

changing lights

They were changing from pink to red to blue and back:

And sometimes they looked a bit like octopi.

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