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Got going in the early morning:

I was looking at white mountains in the distance:

road and mountains

And at a snowy expanse at my side:

snowy landscape

At one point, I ran into Chalymzhan, who was driving a herd of sheep next to the road:

Chalymzhan on his horse

We took a photo together with his horse, a beautiful creature that was not scared of me or the camera:

with Chalymzhan and his horse

Chalymzhan told me he liked to take his horse out to play kokpar, a rough riding game where players try to get a goat carcass and place it in a goal.

You need a tough horse for that kind of sport.

I only had my Caboose.

I walked on the main highway for a long time, but I eventually got bored with it and left for this road as soon as I saw it:

road to the village

Took a picture there:


And found a place to sit down, have some cookies and wait for the cameras to shoot time-lapse videos of the place:

One of the videos turned out alright, too:

I took another Let’s Walk video after that, because I liked the quietness of the village road:

And here’s the beer bottle picture I was talking about in the video:

beer bottle and reflection and mountains

It goes to show you that you shouldn’t film and take photographs at the same time.

Walked past some graves that were rather beautiful:


It was perfect:

Some dudes appeared. They seemed drunk and happy:

dudes on the road

And then this other dude came running along and became my walking partner for a kilometer or so:

walking companion for a little while

Then I reached the village of Akyrtobe:


This guy drove his car next to me for about twenty minutes to show me the way back up to the main road, where the restaurants and shops were:

driving companion

And eventually I found them:

shop in Akyrtobe

I stayed at this restaurant:

restaurant in Akyrtobe

Though it wasn’t exactly in this restaurant, but in another one right next to it, one that had apparently been abandoned (though the lights still worked and there was a dude staying in there who took me in):

abandoned restaurant

My room was behind this door:

door to my room

When everything was settled I went out and took a time-lapse of the restaurant that was still working:

And while I was doing this I noticed that there was a dead dog laying just next to the door of the building where I was staying:

dead dog in front of my door

I had seen many dead animals on the road before.

But this one made me sad.

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