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Enjoyed staying in today.

Looked out the window and saw a backyard:

backyard of the hotel

With a truck in it:

truck in the backyard

Replied to some emails, wrote some stuff, sorted some photos:


And I put almost all of my clothes into the washing machine in the basement:


Then I went out to look for some food, eventually ending up in the same restaurant where I had had my dinner the night before:


That’s when I noticed that I had just missed a spectacular sunset:


Now you might say: “But there it is in the photograph, that means you didn’t miss it!”

Yeah, that’s technically true. But it felt like witnessing a climax without a build-up. There was no tension, just that one moment of the sun and the clouds splashing their colors all over the sky. I wish I could have seen the whole thing.

So I decided that the day was officially over and I might as well have a little vodka in my room:


I didn’t have much, though. Just enough to get a taste and forget about the sunset.

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