non-alcoholic Mojito

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Stayed in today. The Caboose was in a good place:

hotel with Caboose

I went to a bazaar, bought some yoghurt and some water and looked at some carpets:

rug store

Then I went to a restaurant to eat something:


This is where a gentleman by the name of Karim was just having dinner with his friends. He was an investigator with the local police, but not today. His summer vacation to Greece was just around the corner, and he was in an excellent mood.

He decided we should all eat together:


This led to a long evening and a bunch of photos:

Karim and friends


friendly guy who offered sunglasses

…and because I said I wouldn’t drink any alcohol, I got lots and lots of lemonade and even a non-alcoholic Mojito in the end:

non-alcoholic Mojito

Thanks to the kind people of Shelek.

Oh, and I learned something: shaking hands with women is apparently not expected here. They do drink beer though. But if they do, they’re supposed to do it with a straw.

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